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This client testimonial   was featured in the Home & Garden section of the New York Times. (Note: Opens in a new window. Just close when finished.)

Read what some others have said:

  • "Hi Cathleen-

    I think of you often and give thanks often for your coming into my life. I believe that you like to hear about success stories. I have to tell you that from the time you came to our home last year our financial success has blossomed. From that moment forward the flood gates opened. This year has been unbelievably successful. I also was finally able to find a contractor to complete an exterior restoration project that came out beautifully. Prior to that, the project was started and stalled several times over 4 years due to an inability to find someone to take on the job.

    Additionally since your visit to my husband's office he has a new, energetic, vital team and he is thrilled. We know this is a result of your help. There is a feeling as if a huge 'weight'has been lifted and everything has been so much more successful.

    Thank you again, Cathleen. You are very special.

    J. K., Coronado, California

  • "I discovered Cathleen when perusing the web in search of a feng shui expert I could trust. I'm glad I called this West Coast-based woman since she has plenty of clients in New York and is happy to schedule New York consultations. With Cathleen's help, my home on the upper west side of Manhattan, has been transformed into a peaceful, comfortable, lovely space to live and work. Cathleen's recommendations were excellent and surprisingly affordable. People often make comments about how good it feels to be in my home. Another benefit... I've doubled the revenues in my business since taking Cathleen's advice. I highly recommend her."

    A. H., New York City

  • "I am the president of a large corporation. Our business was in decline and my health was suffering also. When Cathleen came in to Feng Shui our main office, I was skeptical at first. She had so many wonderful, practical suggestions, that I was just amazed. She also discovered that there was a very high electromagnetic field in my personal office space. After moving into another office space with a safe electromagnetic field, my vitality and health has returned, and our business profits are way up. I am now a firm believer in the benefits of Feng Shui!"

    A.B., San Diego, California

  • "Our company had been struggling financially. In desperation we called Cathleen on recommendation from a business client of ours. Within twenty-four hours of our consultation, the phones began ringing off the hook. CBS News even contacted us to do a segment on our business. Our business is now thriving and I am certain it was the result of our Feng Shui appointment and Cathleen's expertise."

    C.A., San Diego, California

  •  "We were moving into our new home and wanted to make it as excellent and supportive for our goals as possible. Cathleen's suggestions were invaluable in creating a beautiful, supportive environment for our family. Our friends are always commenting on how comfortable and what good energy our home has. We are thrilled with the results we have seen as a result of our consultation."

    H.M., Rancho Santa Fe, California

  • "Cathleen was the guest speaker at one of our conventions which was held in San Diego for a group of leading East Coast dentists. The topic was "Feng Shui in a Dental Office". At first the dentists scoffed at the subject, but Cathleen was such an entertaining and knowledgeable speaker, within just a few minutes the dentists were frantically taking notes and totally involved in the subject matter. Everyone agreed it was the best presentation of the entire three-day conference."

    J.S., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • "Ever since we moved into our home my family's health, vitality, and overall happiness had declined. Almost immediately after putting into practice the Feng Shui enhancements Cathleen suggested, our home became a happy, healthy, loving place. Our finances and marriage have also improved greatly. We feel so fortunate that Cathleen came in and helped us when she did. Our lives have been so enriched as a result of her help."

    M.O., Encinitas, California

  • "Cathleen's workshops and classes are so informative and entertaining. I can't believe how much I have learned and how quickly the time went by. I didn't want the class to end."

    R.B., La Jolla, California